The Exnova Company by Sisi brothers makes finishes packs & sell, excellent reproductions of frames consoled & framed/mirrors in various style.

All the articles in this catalogue, have been highly regarded from many years, for use as complementary fuernishings and gifts.

Beyond 25 years of experience in this specified field, they are able to satisfy the particoulars request of orders medium or large quantity, even the promotional sales or special sellings, offering a good service quality and competitives price.

Specialist in trimmings:

gilt & silvering leaf, patine & decorantiones hand made.
Wood & marble paints imitations, pastel coulored, ivory, laquerings & other.


- Items shown are realized in materials polyurethame foam, wood pastry, medium density.

- All sizes indicated are over all and in cm

- Indicate B = bevelled glass/mirror

- Indicate SD = engraved/decorated glass/mirror